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Is Sod for You?:

Sod Prepped Surface
Sod Installation Step 1

Installing a lawn for the first time or making sure that your lawn can thrive often takes ongoing patience and a quality soil structure. Our professional sod installations throughout the Wichita Kansas area will set your yard up for a turf rooting that you can trust. Installation of sod takes considerable patience and precision. We have the team to get the job done right and make sure that you can enjoy the highest survivability rate from your sod lawn.

Sod Installation Mid-Lay
Mid Process of Sod Installation

Whether you are moving into a new building or would like to improve the health of your grass, Rejuvenate Lawn Care can provide sod installation that is done correctly. We properly prepare your property by removing any old grass and weeds that can be found on the soils surface. Then amend the soil as necessary to provide your sod the best chance of rooting. We will also provide a rough grade to the soil so that you can experience proper drainage. We install all sod according to the best industry practices for the chosen variety of grass.

Completed Sod Installation
Completed Installation

Post-Sod Installation Maintenance Tips:

Week 1

Avoiding overwatering, but keep the subsurface or soil moist for the two weeks, watering 2-3 times per day depending on time of year. During first week prior to root establishment, limit all foot traffic if possible.

Week 2

Make sure that you water the lawn  for 30 min. each day or up to twice a day during the second week. Approximately 30 minutes after watering you do not want standing water or water that will squish up around your shoes as you walk on your sod.

Week 3 and beyond

After three weeks or when the grass reaches approximately 6″ in length you’ll be able to mow the lawn with your highest deck setting. Mow more often than normal during this time and slowly work the turf down to its desired height.

If you would like to learn more information about the process of sod installation or if you’d like a quote for your sod installation, contact us today.