If you need mulch for your property, we can help your landscaping as well as make sure that your garden can stay insulated over the winter months. Residential or commercial landscaping with the help of mulch can give you a better garden system, improve the look of your property and keep your soil much healthier.

Our mulching team in Wichita can come out to your location and provide regular mulching service throughout the year. We can make sure that you get access to the best quality mulch that will retain moisture and provide you with the maximum benefits for your garden area. Here are some of the greatest benefits to mulching:

Mulching can help you conserve water and improve the aesthetics of your property. Installing mulch in your garden areas can make sure that they can maintain a more even temperature throughout changing seasons. Throughout the warmer months, you’ll be able to conserve water by having a material that retains moisture and encourages root growth. You can experience improvements to the overall health of your plants as well as maintain a more consistent appearance for your property.

There are many types of mulching options to choose from through our service including bark chips, plastic, timber chips, stones, Wood shavings, straw, cocoa hulls and clippings.

We want to offer mulching services that can suit the needs of your property and match the aesthetics you have in mind. Regular mulching can be an excellent investment to keep your property and landscape looking beautiful.

Contact us today to learn more about our mulching services, we can, to your location with a fresh load of mulch and make your gardens look great today!